I just got a new EH Big Muff about a week ago and I think it's broken now. I was playing a while ago with it, then disconnected it and left for lunch, then I came back to play with it some more and it did not work. I think it may be the battery, but the little red light is still turns on brightly. I tried using different cables, different amps, different pedals and they all worked fine, it's just the Big Muff. I can't seem to find what's wrong. I have to find money and a ride to get a new battery, so I want to know if it is the battery so I can make the effort to get it.
Its either the battery, or the pedal. Because big muffs are way out of proportion with their weightl
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how would the proportion of the pedal compared to the weight make a difference? I even named her... Maria... =(
Thanks for all the suggestions... I did try switching batteries but it doesn't help that all the batteries are old... but then again the other pedals are small, they're a Boss DS-1 and a Boss Metal Zone, which are half the size of the Muff... I don't konw if that really matters though because the they're all about the same weight... ahhh..
the cables are plugged in properly, with the guitar to the pedal's input and the pedal's output to the amp.... I thought it was that too at first; I also tried doing it the other way around in case it was a freak pedal but it didn't work either... it espeically sucks because I've been too busy to use it since i got it, and now that i have the weekend to mess around with it, it's not working...
Ok. I had the same thing happen to my Russian Big Muff Pi. I opened it up to take a peek, and one of those cheap **** plastic jacks snapped. Ew. I put it back together with superglue (CAREFULLY), and it's fine now, but I still reccomend putting new, higher quality jacks in it. (like I'll do soon as I get back to radioshack)
yeah i always find myself having to tighten the jacks every week or so
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