Hey Guys... I'm very interested in Visual Sounds' line of Combo-Overdrive effects, namely (only?) the Route 66 Compression-Overdrive Pedal and the Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive Pedal, found
Route 66 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Visual-Sound-Route-66-American-Overdrive?sku=151682


Anyway, I'm wondering a few things about these pedals--

First, if anyone's used either or both, if they can provide some feedback on the pros cons of them, and which they'd recommend for a more classic rock/blues (read: anything but metal) style, through a Blues Junior Amp.

Second, if someone could weigh out for me the upside to having a compressor, like on the Route 66, and how that would add to my sound

Third, if someone could give some advice on whether to pick up the older models, which are 110 at my local Sam Ash, or the newer models which are 140-150

Thanks Guys
i believe a compressor kills my dynamics. i have a blues jr. too, and the picking dynamics i use is crucial to the sound i get. compressors are nice when switching between lead and rhythm though.

i'd go for jekyll & hyde, for more possibilities of distortion.
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