Hey everyone, i'm looking for some good electrics in that price range. I want at least a humbucker in the bridge. Something good for classic rock, hard rock, and decent for metal.

I dont think I want jumbo frets, because I hate them on my S...

Current choices...

Ibanez SAS36FM
Fender Std. Fat Strat
Fender Showmaster HH Quilt ($30 over my budget, but it shouldn't matter)

I dont really want a locking bridge, but a vintage tremolo wouldn't be bad.
The Ibanez if you want metal.
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The Ibanez if you want metal.
How so? I'd say the Showmaster is actually better on paper for metal since it's HH with coil taps, and stock SD pickups.
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Fender Showmaster.
How are the pickups? I think it's a '59 in the neck and a Pearly Gates in the bridge.

It's $630, I could get a Fat Strat for $400 and throw in a neck bridge/neck pickup, locking tuners, ect. and it would only be $550 or so, I could probably buy a case for it and it'd be the Showmaster's price.

Decisions decisions.
Look at the Iceman (made by Ibanez), its a pretty sweet guitar that can fit pretty nicely with the genre's you mentioned above.

Good luck!
It would behoove you to look at Michael Kelly guitars; the best in that price in my opinion.

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Look at the Iceman (made by Ibanez), its a pretty sweet guitar that can fit pretty nicely with the genre's you mentioned above.

Good luck!

+1, I'm looking at picking one of them up after christmas.
out of those, the showmaster. you cant beat it for the price, its your (IMO) gibson sounding guitar, but with the fender feel. thin-unfinished neck; PAF clone pickups. It should do metal decently. your amp will make it "metal" enough.
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Yeah I think the Showmaster is looking good.

I'm going next sunday to GC, so i'll try that and a bunch of fat strats out.
showmasters are awesome guitars! the necks are really fantastic, and the pickups are really suited for hard rock. They also have locking tuners, which would come in handy if you want to do some tremolo work.
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ESP H500? $569 for the Seymour Duncan version, which should fit your needs. Mahogany, 24 frets, Gotoh tuners, flamed maple top. It has a Strat like cutaway, but an SG style head.

You may also want to look into the PRS SE series guitars...they sound quite good and can have trems.
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