its tougher than the standard G7 chord, ill admit that, just like.. keep tryin.
2 index
3 ring
x mute with middle
3 middle


3 middle
4 pinky
4 ring
x mute with tip of ring
3 index
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There are numerous ways of playing it. Here are some:

If you mean the one starting on the third fret:


Index on E string (position it so it covers the A and mutes it), ring on D, pinky on G, and middle on B. Hope that's any help.
2 index
3 ring
x mute with middle
3 middle

What blue_strat said. It's very easy to play it this way. To practice changing chords to Gmaj7, start by switching from D major to Gmaj7. Your ring finger will stay in place, and your index and middle will kind of switch. Great way to practice it .
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^--Thats a pretty ordinary voicing for a Gmaj7 imo since it doesnt contain the major 3rd.

Good post blue_strat. Anywhere on the fretboard that you can position your fingers to play only G B D and F# is going to constitute a Gmaj7 chord.
If the Gmaj7 youre trying is too difficult for whatever reason, try another voicing, one of those that blue_strat listed or find another one for yourself.