It's quite hard to explain, it's not exactly the jack that's loose, it's tight, but when I put the cable into the jack, the cable moves around. Not like side to side, the hole is the right size, but in and out. The cable won't stay in all the way in the jack, it sorta sits almost all the way in, but wiggles when slightly touched, and whenever the cable moves around, it makes this horrible crackling noise through the amp. Is there any way to fix this?
your **** is messed up. u might not want to mess with it. if u wasnt the kinda kid that liked to take stuff apart u prolly wouldnt have a clue of how to go about this. but ill tell ya anyway. mine did that and i just had to salder it..im not a good speller. but its really simple u just got to take the whole thing out if the wires arnt lose then good (no saldering needed) u just got to bend the metel thing that holds the cable in so the cable will make that click when u plug it in. it prolly just got bend out of place over time or something. but if your unsure about what your doing DONT DO IT

take the jack out, insert a plug and see if the arm is catching the plug where it's supposed to.

if it's not then carefully bend it a little in until the plug fits correctly.

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