when sweep picking should i use my wrist or whole arm? for the small sweeps using my wrist is easy but anything above 4 strings it gets a little hard to keep the timing..but is started learning sweeps with my arm. which is better?
whichever feels more natural and works well. get in the habit of keeping your pinky low to the fretboard throughout the sweep, that'll pay off down the road.
in a perfect little world, you should use your wrist. NEVER CHANGE YOUR WRIST MOVEMENT! blah blah blah. all that garbage. this isn't a perfect world though. do whatever is comfortable. i cant sweep worth shiznit. but when i go 4-6 strings, i use my arm.
whatever you gotta do to get it done...
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you can really egsagorate (how the hell do you write that word??) the motion.

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