If I got a standard GIbson FLying V, could I put a bigsby trem bar on it without leaving anyholes or ****ing up the guitar at all? Thanks
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Well, you'd definitely have to put some screw holes in your guitar to put one of those on. And in my opinion, putting an ugly thing like that on such an awesome guitar would be consider destroying it... But that's just me.
I do believe they manufacture and sell Flying V's with Bigsbys on them...
Assuming the Flying V has a Stoptail/whatever the other thing is/ tailpeice, you could buy a Kahler trem and simply screw it into where the other bridge's holes were, but if you're just looking for a vibrato bar...
Look into the Les Trem. Its a tailpiece trem for TOM style bridges that should give you the same effect of a bigsby without having to modify the body at all. I think they are somewhere between $100-150.

Stewmac sells em if you can't find one.