I am about to buy my new bass...its was origionally the ESP F-255 but im goin the extra mile and getting the F-405. I heared good things about ESP but i wnna second opinion on this Bass. It has such a great look i want a great sound to go along with it. I Can't test it out for myself because i cannot get it where i am....and im pretty sure i didn't see a single ESP what-so-ever. Anyway hoping for some help.
It's a great bass, you'll love it. ESP's 400 series and up are a hell of a good bass, you'll never have a problem with them unless you're really unlucky and/or stupid. You should be fine.
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Iv jammed on one b4 and damn it was nice! Im sure you will love it!
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I hope it doesn't sound as good as it looks
cause it looks bloody awful!

Well, everyone to their own as they say.
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