I have been thinking about getting one of these for my second bass. From what I have heard and seen there suppose to be a great bass even though they seem to be on the cheap side. My bass right now is a Yamaha RBX170 and I love it. There are so many basses I have my eye on right now in the $500 price range but I just don't know much about this one.

What are you thoughts about them? How are they?

Here the passive 4 string version:


If I do get it, do you think I should get it in passive or active? I know active is just better but is it worth it?
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I've played one, it sounds good but I didn't really like the feel. The strings were sorta floppy and when I was resting my thumb on the pickups it felt uncomfortable rofl.
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It's not the greatest, not the worst, not the greatest. It didn't have a bad feel, not a good feel. The sound was marginal. I guess... uhh... I guess the main theme of this monologue would be, it's average.
Do you necessarily need a new bass? Because you can pick up a very nice used bass for $500 USD. Personally I paid $500 cash for my Fretless Warwick Corvette, and if you look around Craigslist (that is if you live in the US) or ebay you can find some very nice basses for a pretty reasonable price. Also, if an option, I would suggest Craigslist over eBay anyday.

On a side note, Active is not necessarily better than Passive it is just very different and allows for greater toanl variety in many cases. However some Passive basses have amazing tone that you just can't get out of the average Active bass.
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I haven't played that particular model, but all of the Yamaha basses I've played have seem great to me, although I prolly would not but them, I sorta a Fender guy.