Hey there

I been messing around with the Fuzz Factory settings for this song New Born by MUSE but can't get it right.

On one setting it seems too distorted, so the the chords don't sound clear enough, and on another it's too compressed, etc.

Is there anyone out there who plays a Fuzz Factory on this song that could give me their good settings for the song?

And also is the Dropped D version correct, or the Standard Tuned?

Thanks in advance!
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I can't get it right either. It's drop D. I'm 100% sure. He plays it live like that and without it, you miss some notes and it sounds terrible.
I don't think he uses his fuzz factory for new born. Its just distortion.
Try this:

(clock settings not 1-10)

Gate: 10
Comp: 2
Drive: 5
Stab: 10

Nice song choice btw.
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Does getting a Fuzz Factory really enhance the sound of this song? I'm playing on a very basic amp ( Treble and Bass knobs) and if I turn the treble up.. I get the riff to sound good, but not the chords...