Hey my friend is having some troubles with a custody battle going on and she's currently living with her dad but she dosent want to go back to her moms.

This girl is like a sister to me i need some help on persuading the courts to let her stay.

this is part of the convo on AIM we had (Please dont anyone message her, out of respect.

LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:03:15 PM): man
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:03:22 PM): i need somebody who KNOWS me
KroniKing42o (10:03:41 PM): yo
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:03:25 PM): to talk to me
KroniKing42o (10:03:45 PM): why
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:03:33 PM): im kinda upset.
KroniKing42o (10:03:56 PM): About what?

LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:03:46 PM): idk alot of stuff.
KroniKing42o (10:04:10 PM): Open up hun
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:03:53 PM): and its not like me to feel this low...
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:06:11 PM): idkk its just so much **** with my dad lately, and my mom...and ****.
the courts like want me to move with her to oregon, and ****...and like....i just cant live with her..
to much bad **** goes on...
like the last time i saw my mom, her husband like threatened if he ever saw me again...

LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:06:14 PM): and,.
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:06:41 PM): ive just had alot of stuff from the past pounded into my head.
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:06:50 PM): my past isnt so perky
KroniKing42o (10:07:09 PM): ****...
KroniKing42o (10:07:18 PM): That sucks
KroniKing42o (10:07:31 PM): Why all of a suden the courts want you to go back
LIVE LOVEnALICIA (10:08:46 PM): cause my dad nly has temporary custody...andd...ive only been living with my dad for MAYBE a year...
i used to live with my mother ****ing fat **** grandma.....

and allll she'd want most is to see me go bak with my mom..
i go back with her...
i swear..
ugh. i just dont kno.
KroniKing42o (10:10:07 PM): Well, shouldent you tell the court about the threats that your moms husband made and the life you lived over there and maybe they will reconsider moving you back

They wont believe her about the things either...
sorry dude im not touching this one with a 20 foot pole
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waits for someone too message her..

It's hard too beat the court,


get her and get a raft and float too Cuba!
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sorry dude im not touching this one with a 20 foot pole

same here man...i tend to have bad luck when it comes to law
Sorry man The Pit isnt the ideal place for matters such as these, hmm. Usually in custody the child has alot of rights on where they want to stay and live but then again th eparents are too stupid to realize there just ruining the childs life and the the court just wants the case to get over with so they pass judgement regardless of what the child often thinks. Oh well have fun with that.
Send the courts a really long and heartfelt letter, I'm sure they'll be swayed.
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