I'm kind of a novice guitar player, so don't be surprised if this seems obvious to you.

My guitar came with .09-.42s, and a change of them. I just bough some new strings, which are .10-.52s. I remember reading somewhere that putting thicker strings will warp the neck. Will this happen? I don't know what kind of wood my guitar uses (A crappy Peavey Raptor Plus EXP I bought to see if I liked playing the instrument or not), and I just looked it up, and I can't seem to find any info on the neck.

Any help is appreciated.
.9s to .10s shouldn't make a whole lot of difference. But just to be sure, put the butt of the guitar, where the strap button is, on your foot, and point the headstock at your head. Look down the neck to see if its bent.

.10s to .11s will cause some problems, but i'm not sure about .9s to .10s.
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its worth the 20 bucks to have a tech show you how to do it.
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