if you like it..
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
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do go on.

Well its B.C. Rich, they aren't known for their superior build quality and tone, the shape looks really uncomfortable, and its a really low price. I'd save up if I were you.
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
id take that dopey looking leg rest off of it lol
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its a guitar for looks, not so much for sound.
all depends what you look for in an axe.
It's an 1983 Rich. Built by Rico. Judging from the serial number. Ones made by Rico ARE known for tone and quality. The price is so low because the auction just started.

^^Yeah that metal thing does look stupid.
Well its an MIJ, so quite obviously not built directly by B.C. Rich. I think B.C. Rich had better products back in the 80's than today, but I've never played an 80's one so I can't fully comment on that.
The guy is an idiot and types like ****. Unprofessional, and I believe it's a 85' by the look of the serial.
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You guys just need to stop judging Richs by the Bronze Series. Or going like, "bC RIcH!1 dAT's totaallY gHEY!!11!
80's BCR's were great guitars. Its ugly, but I'm more traditional. MIJ. Bet its sweet.
I kind of like the Ironbird shape and the older ones were made better. I don't care for the chunk of metal screwed to the end for "Balance" Who knows what's under it or if the finish will come off with it. If you like it wait and see if a similar one pops up on Ebay. I am not sure if the price is all that great. I would pass but I am always waiting for the bargain basement prices.
well since you asked we know you like the shape, as far as the guitar goes it's probably great. they re released the nj series and i thought the mockingbird was brilliant, the original 80's one ould be far superior so i'd say anything under $1000 for that would be an absolute bargain
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