hey all.

i was hoping someone would be able to tell me what sort of sound i could expect out of this pedal? like is it a classic od pedal for that vintage sound or more of a distortion pedal?

any help would be great thanks
I use one. It is classic rock distortion but capable of some metal. Pretty natural sounding, a slight brittleness that can be minimized with EQ. Very punchy and articulate, clear and ballsy. A very good pedal even without considering its reasonably priced. The only pedal I might rather have is a EHX Big Muff PI.
i havent ever played that pedal, just be warned that Dano pedals have SERIOUS reliability issues.

e.g. i bought the Dano Tuna Melt tremolo a few years ago, it worked fine for a week, then the bypass swithch stopped working, then it started to act like it was possessed, making real wierd sounds.

i got sick of it so i smashed it off my bedroom wall, and believe me that was the best enjoyment i got from that pedal.

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I own one as well and really add much to what uldhppi stated about it. It's not in the same category as their FAB line or "food" line though. It's built like a tank, and mine in particular has taken a small fall or two without any effect on it's functionality whatsoever. If you threw this thing at a wall, it's probably gonna go through it. It's very versatile due to the 3 band EQ with a good range on both the volume and O. Drive knobs.

The footswitch itself is quiet, there's none of that audible click that you might hear from other pedals when you switch it on or off, which is nice.

My only gripes about it, are the knobs themselves are quite small, so if you have large hands, it may make adjustments a tad akward. Also, this thing will drink batteries. It takes a 9 volt battery and you need to make sure that you remove the cables when you're done using it, or it'll drain the battery in a matter of hours. You CAN get a power adapter for it, which is quite inexpensive, and remedies the battery issue.

One other thing you might want to look at if you look into the Daddy-O, is the Cool Cat Chorus from Danelectro. They make an awesome pair!
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sweet thanks for those replies. im looking at getting one to tighten up the distorion on my ad30vt