they is pretty good. they are usually around 400ish for the cheap ones.
but i think the s series is way better for sure.
I would becareful getting an RG like that off Ebay especially for that price. Expect to pay some money to get the floyd set up right too. If you just starting, it wouldn't be that bad, but like ht starwars said, the S series is awesome. If you can afford to spend alittle more cleaning it up and stuff, go for it.
Yea im new to UG but not guitar. I really dont know to much about Ibanez, but ive heard alot of good things about one. I really like the Wizzard necks

I ussally go for used amps / new guitars, i personally like getting new guitars more then used. And yea i thought of getting it off Ebay especially that cheap. Do you happen to know what exact model it is ?

I'm buying a 5150 (most likely) tomorow. And i have sold all my gutiars execpt my practice guitar that i hardly play MIM Fender Strat, so i need something else while i have the money and dont blow it on something stuiped

i kinda like the RG370DXL. Whats your opionions on that? <--
i have an RG, love it to death, and even though the s series is a bit better i think if you just upgrade from stock parts it could be one wicked guitar, but if you don't wanna fool around with that then i guess get an s guitar, i like the action and thin-ness (lolwut) of the S series
If you're looking at Ibanez, and want a locking trem, go with the S series. If you're more interested in the neck, go with the RG. Pickup swaps, mabye down the line, will help.
It doesn't say which model it is, and it's hard to see what kind of trem that is. According to the serial number though, it's made in Japan (Fujigen) in 2000. That's where RG Prestige are currently being made, so I guess it could be compared to an RG1570 or something. Different to say without having the specs though.
Can anyone points me in the direction of a good ibanez. I'm LEFTY tho so its hard to find stuff..

An RG1570L? that's the only thing I can think of right about now... That is if you can save up for a Prestige, else you need to look around more.