Washburn RS-10V
Mahogany body and Set neck, Flame/arched maple top, beautifulll, its super thick too. PRS shaped body, Some sick washburn floyd rose system, not "licensed floyd rose" its "manufactured under floyd rose parts" no idea what the difference is, its neat, works very well.

Active EMG in the bridge, not sure which, and an EMG select in the neck, which is okay i guess, 3 way switch, flawless electronics. POLY-FIBER fretboard?! wtf?! its soo damn smooth! Cost me 160, with the hardcase. lolz the deals i find.

did i mention they only made these for one year, and only about 1,000 were made? awesome.
like magicccc, the guy who set it up last some "renowned professional luthier of the area" definitely screwed up the fret dressing on about 14-18, so there is some buzz, and im gonna redress them, the crown on them is rounded, and the others are all about even.
wow great snatch, but the fret board worries me the poly thingy
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wow great snatch, but the fret board worries me the poly thingy

thats what i was thinking, but its like....18 years old now, and is still this damn smooth, and its got alot of playing on it, and i trust it.
Those old school washburns are really nice. The poly fiber is nice. I've played some old Epis that had them, and they were smooth. The trem's the only weak spot; I've heard a lot of people with old Aria's that had them thought they were a pain to work on. Sweet price though.
Looks awesome. What kind of EMGs are those?

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I would have snapped it up for a buck sixty myself, great deal!! With the HS Case to boo0t! I like it, it looks like someone took very good care of it.
Thats the way PRS set-in heels should be. But no, they want that nasty block there.

nice guitar, and price
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