Okay, so my band's been playing for a good while. I've been playing for about a year and my other guitarist about 4 years (although he's never taken formal lessons). Now, we want to do both "Master of Puppets" and "Walk" which both have considerably and respectably difficult solo's.

If we removed the solo's from either of the songs, do you think that any of our audience (besides guitarists or die hard fans) will know? I mean, part of the reason we're doing this is to showcase our complete skill in timing, delivery, showmanship, and total skill (meaning 'what we're capable of').

The vocals for both songs are basically spot on, our singer is fantastic. So, removing the solo from one of those songs. Can we get away with it? Or should we improvise or do something like that?
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Probably not.
and plus for the sake of the song, wouldn't you want to learn the solos?
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Maybe for "Walk", but I wouldn't try skipping the solo for Master of Puppets.
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I definitely wouldn't remove the solos from Master of Puppets. Anyone can pull off the first solo, and no one expects you to play the second solo perfect. Improvise on the second.

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Yeah, but the solo's are kind of out of our league.

We have the first 'slow' solo in Master of Puppets down perfectly. It's the second one we're having trouble with.

On 'Walk' it's mainly the fast paced multiple pull-offs that are the problem. Also the very strange double slide in the middle is kind of hard to replicate.

I know we'd get it in time, but we don't really have that kind of time to learn it. I'm talking weeks, not months.
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drop the walk solo and ur guitarist whos been playing 4 years should be able to improv the second master of puppets solo. MoP solo isnt something u drop adn get away with
best thing to do, if you know what key your playing in, and you know what scale and mode, then you should just improvise, do what you feel's right.
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best thing to do, if you know what key your playing in, and you know what scale and mode, then you should just improvise, do what you feel's right.

well, this is a wierd question.

seeing as YOU are doing YOUR cover, you can do whatever you want with the song, when me and my mate cover songs we add in extra measures and everything, so it's up to you.

allthough it's kinda like taking a bridge out of a song, it's not really the same.

you should improv, but stick to the original solo a little.
redstrat and synyster.punk are right. the goal isn't to make it a whole new song, but make it something you can play. just try to hold true to the original.

i did this for Broken, but not because i couldn't play the solo, just cuz i thought the original sucked. i like my version much more
i saw this video of a band playing "holy wars" and "in my darkest hour" by megadeth at some talent show, and they cut the solos out of all of them. it was surprising, but it did work well anyway.
Thanks for the help.

We actually did this with "Whiskey in the Jar" too. But we added more to the solo. We even put some tapping into it somewhere.

Anyways, I've been playing around with scales in the key of those songs and got something that will probably get us by. Thanks again
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The second solo in MoP isn't that hard, and really, it's mostly just ****ty noise and messing with a floyd rose...actually, it's easier than some of the rhythm riffs for me, but my downpicking is way rusty at the moment. So yeah...just throw together some fast pentatonics and some random tremelo-picking stuff and it'll sound fine. As for the solo in Walk...you could probably take that out, or you could just come up with your own stuff again...I think people will notice more if you lust skip the solo than if you change it, and again, it's mostly just random chromatic/atonal stuff anyway.
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