I have Gibson pickups in my les paul. I'm replacing them. The first thing I noticed was that the Gibson pickups have a braided ground wire around the hot wire. The replacement pickups just have two thin wires wraped in plastic.

I guess I've always associated braided wire with higher quality in other applications. Am I giving anything up by not using a braided ground wire?

Thank you.

Nope, the ground doesn't have to be quality, it just needs that connection.

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I'm assuming that the ground wire on a guitar serves the same purpose as it does in an outlet, to make it so things don't explode or catch on fire basically...If I'm not mistaken. I don't believe it would really make much of a difference with such a low voltage, and especially since you only have two wires to connect it to.

Was it hooked up to anything before? I didn't quiet understand since you said it was wrapped around the hot wire.

And just so you know, braided wire is not usually associated with higher quality = ). I work for an electrician, so I'm not just pulling this out of my ass haha.
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The only real purpose it serves in a guitar is to make sure you've cut all your hum and buzz. Braided wire is just how its done on single conductor Gibson pickups. In fact, in my exprience, they are a pain in the ass to get a connection with.
The braided wire acts as screen to get rid of some of the extra noise. Most pickups that come with 2 conductor cable will still have a screen to. 2 conductors and a screen is better than the old gibson braided wire. 2 conductors without a screen is not as good, but the little bit of hum that is supposedly filters off is not a big deal.
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