My friend recently sent me this cover of Nothing Else Matters, but I haven't been able to figure out who did it, and thus havent been able to find tabs...

just posted the song here



thanks xD
umm its by mMetallica if thats what you mean.
if you're looking for who did the cover maybe it was your friend.. :S
Anyone who thinks that music these days is dead doesn't listen to enough music.
well i knew it was by metallica, but yea, needed to figure out who did the cover... any highly doubt it was my friend =P
wow that is fantastic i was hoping for vocals for a voice recognition but that was way better i want the tab to if you have it please!
It sounds very homemade to me. Loads of compression artifacts and probably wansn't very clean t begin with. On top of it the tempo keeps changing.

That said I like the way it's all instrumental. Wish the recording was better.
nah i just compressed it a bit too much in windows movie maker...

i can post a bit more hi-quality file?
yea ill do that lol