hey all.

can someone please tell me what type of mic i should be looking at to record vocals and acoustic guitar? they will be done seperatly most of the time.

any help would be great thanks
look into condenser mics, as they're usually "warmer" for vocals and acoustic guitar. cardioid condensers usually aren't best for mic'ing electric guitar (amps) as they pick up the echoes and also clip easier.
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maybe a ribbon mic? cad trion 7000 if you wanna do guitar cabs but you'd be better off with like a rode nt1-a or audio technica at4040
my budget is 100ish NZ dollers so like 80ish US. would i be best to directly mic my acoustic guitar, or should i get a passive soundhole pickup and record through that?


are any of these any good?\

audio technica pro 31

shure prologue 12L (cant find i link sorry)

shure BG 3.0 (link is for a 3.1)\

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There are lot of $100 (US) condenser mics that are really good. I'd probably go with the Audio Technica AT2020 or something like that.