ok so im tryin to play this


its pretty fast, and i was wondering how i stop those bottom 3 strings from ringing when doing the pull offs i cant figure out a way to make it work that seems economical.

So how would you guys go about muting that?
uhm, just rest the palm of your right hand lightly on the bridge.
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what song is this?
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ok, but then i would be muting the string that i want to ring wouldnt i?

its The Bled- red wedding
No when you're palm muting those strings dont have you're whole hand over the entire brindge, just the ones that need to be palm muted.
ok just to make sure you understand me

------------------------------------} trying to stop these three from ringing when i do the pull offs

i just dont see how i would put my palm on those and not the d string which i want to ring
Oh those strings. Well hate to tell you this but it comes with practice. I had the same problem when I first tried the intro to Thunderstruck but eventually I got better and better
try using the index finger of your fretting hand, it seems really difficult at first but you'll get better at it. Also, make sure when you pull off that you're not brushing those strings with your fingers