Well tommorow at school i was planning to play flake by jack johnson

THe issue is, i can finger all the chords properly and strum and all that jazz, but my thumb gives out at the end of the first verse, i try to keep playing but the pain is rediculas. with other barre chords this isnt an issue, i think its becuz i lift up my fingers to get the mute quick strum thing he does, and its putting to much pressure on my thumb or something. THe pain is right inbetween my thumb and pointer finger..

any ideas guys? maybe how to releeve the pain or maybe im just playing it wrong.

sry for the spelling problems lol frustrated atm

thanks for the help,
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pills? might help.
but my suggestion, maybe like make a pause halfway through the song, just to rest, and say something like "you all know the words" or something along the lines of that. know what i mean? that might seem a bit weird though.
sorry if i didnt help lol
lol i was actualy thinking i dunno if ur serious or not but to take 2 ibeprofens like an hour b4
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How long have you been playing barre chords? My guess is your muscles in your hand simply haven't built up enough yet to not feel the strain. My advice is to play lots of barre chords, and in between, take old sheets of newspaper and put them flat on a table, then put your hand in the middle of it and start to crumple them into a very tight ball. Do this several times and you'll feel definitely feel it in your hands, great way to build up hand muscles, I used to do it for golf, lol, and it worked wonders.
Sounds like the muscles in your hand aren't quite developed enough. I had the same problem a long time ago but with practice its gone away.
alright guys, i guess ill just wait a week or so till my muscles built up more
thanks for all the help and advice, i really apreciate it.
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I sucked on my mom's nipples