I have a les paul and I'm instaling zebra humbuckers. Does it matter which way the each pickup is installed? In other words, does it matter if the cream parts of the pickups are facing each other or if the black parts are facing each other?

Thank you.
Make sure 'Seymour Duncan' is oriented so you can read it when the guitar is up and down with the headstock up.

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They're not Seymours. Does it matter if they are upside down or not? I think it it would look good to have the cream of each on the inside.
There is a "right" way to do it. If they came with rings, lay them on the body and look from the side to see if the slant on the rings lines up the pups with where the strings would be.

Another thing: many pups have "F" or "R", "N" or "B" stamped on the back metal plate, for "front or rear", or "neck or bridge". Set up the pups so that the letters are right side up if the guitar was leaning against a wall or on a stand.