theres a couple of G-400s I was looking at for a second guitar for my set-up. This guitar will mostly be for blues-Classic Rock sounds.

I was Looking at trying the Limited Edition 1966 Ver:

the Vintage G-400

and the regular G-400

I like the feel/look of all of them, but I dont really see much of a difference in the 1966 one other than look and $100 more, which doesnt bother me because it beautiful.

Let me know what you think, if there are any major cons I should look out for.

Plus any other suggestion would be great up to around $400 because this is just going to be a second guitar for the more classic rock type stuff.

My Current Gear:
Jackson DXMG
Roland Cube 60
Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack
Ibanez TS9

This is mostly going to be played though the EVJ and TS9.