So I have a 1999 Martin D-15 that was just given to me by an uncle. A picture of it can be found here.

I'm really pleased to be the new owner and I was hoping of doing a little custom work to it. The Martin butterbean tuners have always have caught my eye and I personally really like their look. The idea has come into my head to buy them and put them on the D-15 I just got. Obviously this is purely for looks alone, trying to jazz it up a bit Personally, I think it would be a great little addition to this great new guitar I have. What are your thoughts?
gawd your rooms a mess, but sick guitar dude i say go for it
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honestly, i like plainer looking tuners, but if you enjoy there look, why not go for it?
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71 bucks for tuners?!? wow... but yeah. i think that'd look real nice.
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I would prefer to spend the money on things that would improve sound/playability, such as a bone nut and saddle, in addition to a good setup. By the way, that's an incredibly nice uncle you have there. I hope you expressed your gratitude appropriately.
if you like the tuners, get the tuners!

just out of curiousity, what kind of pickup is that?
Where would you suggest purchasing the bone nut and saddle? I would like to purchase them online around the same time I'm purchasing the butterbean tuners so I can have my local guy install everything at one time.

The pickup is a Fishman Rare Earth Blend Soundhole Pickup, its sounds wonderful.