I dunno why, but ever since I got my peavey, I've loved the tones I can get (I wish I could bring the volume past 4 cuz it sounds great cranked but alas, my parents yell at me...)

anyway, I find it excessively hard compared to solid state amps to play cleanly, especially when distorted or overdriven.

the harmonic overtones of the tubes just seem to hang after I play the notes, even if I lift up my fingers. is this just my playing? When I play on solid state amps, it just comes out the way I want it to and stops, unlike my amp.

also, When I run my pedal through the amp, it sounds Decent for high-gain stuff (my pedal can actually push the thing pretty well, and gives a decent chug when I need it. Not great by any means, but usable if I have to cover a metal song ya know?)

problem is, the pedal seems to add a ridiculous amount of fuzz and feedback (more volume= more noise/feedback) Some of this is because the amp is driven by EL94s (the other tubes are 12AX7 -- the combo gives nice overdrive and good cleans too, btu EL94s can have white noise, or so I hear)

anyway, I dunno if I need a re-tube, got the thing used, and it still sounds good and has headroom for clean, so I doubt I need that.

as for the distortion pedal noise, would a noise gate pedal and an eq pedal help me out?

if so, what would you guys reccomend for a decently low price?

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an ISP decimator would kill the noise. a retube wouldnt hurt but if it sitill sounds good then its fine. maybe you have the reverb turned up too high?

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r u talking about EL84s???

EL84s have white noise. but good EL84s have minimal. distortion pedals always add noise/hiss, and if it is really a noise coming from ur distortion pedal, a noise gate will help.
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Sorry dude but thats just your playing. You'll get used to, you have to mute notes after you play them but. Generally tube amps are a lot more responsive (atleast in my experience) than solid state. I believe this is why so many people love them, other than the distorted tone.

I think you mean EL84 tubes. A lot of people say they do get white noisey and i am one of them. Although unless you have a god ear for it you may not be able to hear it. Sounds to me like you have too much distortion coming from your pedal. Try a clean booster or a Tube screamer with the drive very low and level very high.

It may be time for a retube if you got it used but i really dont know that much about it and the cost (if its possible... is it?) to change the type of tubes you're using.
The problem with your cleans sounds like a sloppy technique. How long have you had your amp? If only a few days, you'll get used to it. If longer, you'll need to revamp your technique most likely.
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yeah its EL84s. Im tired and a tube n00b, so I screwed up there lol.

well, its not really the cleans at all. Cleans come out as well as on a SS amp (better in most respects) Its overdrive and distortion I got issues with, and mostly for shreddish stuff (canon rock, sweep picking, etc)

and I've had it for about a month now.

I think a noise gate would help for heavier distortion (sorry, but im beginning to prefer solid states for ultra cleans and Uber distortion) but I love the tube sound too.

anyway, aside from that, it may be my playing. but I gotta use the pedal for some stuff, as I'm covering canon rock soon at a show, and I gotta crank the volume WAY too high with standard overdrive to get those palm muted notes out enough to be heard. Even for the show, cranking my amp would be off-limits...

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peavey jsx 2x12 combo
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The reason you prefer solid states would most likely be the type of tube amp you have. A more heavy ranged amp with do those palm mutes at lower volume. And remember you dont always need heaps of saturation. Diezel VH4s and Framus Cobras are fairly unsaturated but have aweseom metal tone. This isn't an attack on your playing or anything but perhaps something as simple as not as heavy palm mutes and heavy as hell picks could help you with your cannon problem?
^ yeah I know what u mean, but I couldnt afford those types of amps man.

I was able to score the peavy for like $350 used, and my budget wasnt allowing of a high-gain tube amp.

If I can get a job, I was gonna buy a cheap-ish solid state (randall or crate) with enough wattage to do small gigs until I can afford a marshall or mesa (or even a peavy 6505 or XXX)

although 100 tube watts is way too loud for me now, hell, 30 can be too loud lol.

Jackson dk2m
MIM strat
peavey jsx 2x12 combo
Recording King RDC-26
Digitch RP1000
Crybaby 535Q
Yeh, its not the pedal, its the amp.

It is easier to get a cow down a set of stairs than get the peavey classic to get nice shred/heavy metal tones out of it. It is not made for that sort of thing, it excels in cleans up to classic rock, and modern rock with a boost.