i need some help developing my funk image. what i mean is, i used to play a lot of heavy metal, and now i play a lot of funk. my look is still kinda metal, something like:

non-emo chick trousers, black leather jacket, t-shirt, converse, and very very straight medium brown hair that comes down to my top ribs, and passes my shoulders in the back.

any suggestions on how i can change my appearance to suit my new musical style?
get hair cut and start wearing track apnts and no shrit at all times, also wear a beanie
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to cobalt blue; funk does kind of have a look; i'm not quite sure but if you ever look at bootsy collins or george clinton or people, they have image

it's like rock music; leather and stiff denim was usually the standard. now i see people onstage in regular stuff like jeans and hoodies. i want to give funk a strong image people can relate to

and sean-man, that's a good picture, i think the only thing i could do to top it off is add a big neclace

but sadly i'm at school most of the time and i try to keep nipple perk-age to a minimum

^totally sig that
Use crazy shirts like hendrix, like a lot of colours, oh that isn't soo funk though
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Sweat pants and a white t-shirt. As for hair...Not sure, grow an afro and a headband.

Im going off what one guy in this funk band at my school used to do before they graduated. He was a flippin amazing funk/jazz bass player. I dont use the term amazing loosley.

He had the funk.
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He had the funk.

What? do you mean funk as in the small ball covered in tits that squirts liquid funk off the tv show the mighty boosh? or do you mean the image? :P
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Woah,you ****ing poser,just be yourself.
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get dread locks, wear baggy clothes and smile all the time (think john butler)
stop being a spineless middleschooler and dress how you want.

im sure thats what most funk guys do anyways.

(too be nice, just wear some baggier clothing with bright colors, its easy, but dont be so worried about image man, if you play funk, youll have a funk image, it doesnt matter how you dress)
It's fairly easy. Colourful shirts, sunglasses, big hair, maybe a hat or two, and either colouful drainpipes or colourful flares. Converse shoes work well, but I wear Converse and Chelsea boots, which are more mod than funk.

Basically, anything in thise video:

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Seriously man... Image?

God the Point of music is to create your OWN image, not to ask people how to look a certain way. Dude, just do whatever you feel

I'm in a metal band and I dress like hendrix (dispite the fact that i'm white). Do you think I care? god no. Perpetuate the image YOU want, not an image that is told to you by someone else.
with the hair... uhh, wear a headband. blue or red. and some funky colored shirts and like polka dot pants and shoes or something.

the headband is really the biggest thing though. you can go from looking like a metal head to super funky with just a little sweatband looking thing.