o.k, so I've been contemplating posting here for a few days due to having read the rules and regulations a few times. and i wasn't going to just straight out post a silly question like this but here go's.

so I'm going to be revitalizing an old strat i ended up picking up on the cheap. I was having a butchers at one website called www.axesrus.com, this website is very good for u.k citizens one here by the way. anyways so i stumbled across the 'on-board effects' page and see what you should hopefully have seen in the pictureabove. I'm going to copy and paste the specs to as i don't have a clue what this switch does. I only want to know as a friend was telling me it would be a good choice to have as it makes the single coils sound like humbuckers at the flick of a switch. he may be speaking out of his arse so i was hoping in return that somebody could help me out.

pot specs-


Easy installation with any Passive or Active pickups in your Guitar or Bass (no mods , as it just replaces one of your tone pots)with instructions.


thanks for your time in reading this probably brain dead question but im really not to familiar with the electronics side of guitars.
isnt it just a distorition?

on board effects sounds cool btw
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one switch is on/bypass (on/off in other words) and other switch is a mid boost/full boost switch taht gives you an option of either boosting the high mids, or the full range.

u can adjust the 'high mids' part to any frequency with the twist of a trimpot.

its basically a booster.

and don't get it. i have really really bad experience (bad tone and noise) in on board effects. keep your guitar passive.
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ah o.k then cheers for the help guys. i had an inkling that there wasnt much point. ive just got in touch with somebody else about a squier strat they have laying about doing nothing. maybe ill give it ago on that seen as it would just be nice to experiment.
hey, if you picked it up on the cheap, what harms it gunna do.
Honestly, I'd prefer just having a proper pedal on the floor for my effects. The guitar-based ones seem like they're usually cheap units made of crappy components with next to no versatility or control over the sound- basically just a gimmick.
cheers for all the help guys its been much appreciated. I ended up picking up another strat too so maybe ill think about adding one of these just for some practice, as I have been thoroughly impressed with the standard of work on here and have caught the bug to start customizing. theres a high probability I will end up with one of these wired up in the next few months (due to now having spent funds on a second body). anymore information would be appreciated.