well i have just started playing a semi acoustic and as you would of guessed it sounds a lot different to my other full elec guitar. so i was wondering are there any good songs for a semi acoustic guitar that you would recommend.

Thanks in Advance
oh a hollowbody. check out some jazz. they're awesome with jazz. Clapton's "Reptile" is an awesome song to play with a hollowbody.

also, get some chuck berry. Johnny B Goode would be nice. get some woody sound.
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ii would have said a semi acoustic would be an electric acoustic...ie an acoustic with a pickup
They're good for jazz, obviously. Also for old school rock n' roll, rockabilly stuff, and punk (and by punk I mean punk, not Green Day or whatever bands are considered punk these days.)
what do you mean by old skool rock and roll give me an example please.
Elvis, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the comets, Bo Diddly.

Also that guitar is great for blues, BB King used a similar semi-hollow (although I think his may have the f-holes actually filled in)
Tons of people use 'em for Indie too. I love their tone for rock as well personally.
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Check out Brian Setzer, John Frusciante sometimes used a Gretsch White Falcon on songs such as Californication (Under The Bridge sounds amazing on a hollow-body too).
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thread starter, do you mean a semi hollow or an acoustic / electric?

and how long have you been playing? what amp are you using?

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