I need help improvising ive learnt all the modes/box positions of the major,pentatonic and blues scales but i can't use it. ive memorized the intervals to an extent and don't want to memorize every note on the fretboard.
Oh so you don't really want to improvise then. Freedom when improvising comes from complete knowledge of the fretboard and how it works.

Since you know the box positions, play notes from them. Think of what you want to play and use the notes in the shape to try and play it.
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add bends that reaches one of the notes in the "boxes" that you know too. it adds depth and feeling if u do it right.

also, rakes, pick dynamics, vibratos, slides. they can all add flavor to your guitar solos.
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extend your boxes one note up or down on a string, going to the next note of the scale, and slowly break the box shapes, and learn how to join all the shapes together Once you extend your boxes its realaly easy to figure out the different fingerings for a particular scale anywhere on the guitar.

do it with every scale you know when improvising, then you'll learn the whole fretboard really easily.

Also, i found these simple tracks easy to improvise over when starting as they give you some sueggested scales.
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Try getting some backing tracks that you can find the key of and just noodle along with the scales you know, it'l help. If you can't find any backing tracks, buy a dollar store microphone and record a couple chord progressions you like onto your computer, then play those back and solo along.
Listen and Learn. That's how I did it. Listen to a song and then play along with it, but during the solo sections, do improv. You'll notice yourself improve after a while.
You just have to play around with it good improvising comes from experience so just practice bending different notes, and little licks you can throw together a string of notes. Listen to other guitarist solos and try to take some of there licks and make them your own. Then just listen to the music and try to hear in your head what would sound cool and then just do it. I started improvising when I only knew one postion of penatonic the beauty of improvising is that you don't need to know anything to do it. You just hear what sounds good, and keep that and take what sounds bad and throw it away. I actually learned alot of the modes that way, Now granted I already memorized penatonic scale and I sure that helped but with improvising for years you can just know the notes that sound good even without knowing all the scales.
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