Hey people, i was wondering if any of you knew some high fret chords that are used in worship songs...like x79900 which is E or x77500
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There are hundreds, if not thousands. Look up CAGED chord theory. If you know how to make open C, A, G, E, and D chords, and barre with your first finger decently, you're all set. Basically, you can slide those positions anywhere on the fretboard and whichever is the lowest note played, that'l be what kind of chord it is. You can probably stick to major and minor chords in worship songs. Try experimenting with different combinations of the I, IV, V, and vi chords in each progression, I found a lot of worship songs like to make the transition of I to vi.
You can apply the open power chord principle to basically any chord in E major or it's relative minor (C#m)

079900- E
069900- E/D#
046600- C#m
024400- Bsus
002200- A2
044200- F#m
066400- G#m

A lot of worship songs rely on a I-V-vi-IV progression so it's ridiculously easy to play and sing with. If you tune to DADGAD you can apply some parts of that and play in D Major.

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