So a little while ago I wrote the guitar and bass parts for this song. My friend who really liked it added the piano and drum tracks in. Anyways, what we've got here is something I'm really proud of. I just want to know what other people/guitar pro composers/guitar players think.

Be honest! Please!

Thank you.


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The Start of Something New.zip
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that was pretty sweet, i like it, i also think that if u put a solo starting at bar 30 and fading out with the rest of the song it would be sweet..

well done
i like it.. that main riff if somewhat catchy. just wondering how many people will b needed to play this live
Alright Im going to be completely honest...

At first, I thought it was going to be whack, the one guitar riff the whole song... but once everything started to come together, it BLEW me away. I really liked it and the one riff that was prevalent the whole song ended up characterizing the whole piece of work. The drums, piano, electric guitar, all that **** that was put in actually flowed and sounded well. GREAT WORK
Hey man, pretty nice deal you got going here. I liked the intro, but I think it would sound better if you let the notes ring out. Also, when the second acoustic came in, some of the notes were making a kind of funky harmony. You have an F# and a G playing at the same time..and that sounds pretty nasty. For the harmony guitar, if you changed that first high A to a B, then change the next G to an A it sounds really good. Other than that, the part is sweet.

I really liked when the electrics come in. Very nice.

The second acoustic part....also very good.

Everything else is great. The last part is nice....good touch having the electrics do the acoustic part.

Very good man, definitely expand on it though and it'll be awesome.