you should really but lyrics on it and record it! like wow dude! beats +44!
Sounds extremely like yellowcard (the solo) but very catchy!

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I really liked this. It was simple but very catchy. One thing though, the harmonics in the solo should be replaced with something else, it didn't sound good. Also, I think you should end it differently, it doesn't seem to "end" the song. Other than that, I liked the lead during the verse, and I loved the chorus. Great job!
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I liked the first part. Really fast and brutal, with great drums.

17-20 was really good too. It souned kind of egyptain.

I liked the littlelead over the breakdown.

The solo wasn't that good to be honest. It was way too slow, except for the last part, which was out of key. And the chord played after that made me die.

The outro was brutal though.

This was a pretty good piece, 8/10.

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Not into that kind of music, but it was nice!
Sounds really +44ish xD
The intro was good, nothing special.
The verse was awesome, I liked it much.
Yea, the solo wasnt really good, like Pink said, way too slow and some notes were out of key.
The outro was cool, I liked it

Overall its a nice piece, even if I'm not into that kind of music ^^ 7.5/10

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