Hey guys.. I have been looking for a new guitar and really I am looking for a guitar that will enable me to switch from the funky or rhythmic qualities of a blues... into a thick blues or rock lead tone, which guitars do you suggest? I have a budget of about £350 max.

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Fender Stratocatser/Telecaster (Made in Meixco) should cost you about £300 - £350. They're both awesome for blues.
I have got an old squier strat from a few years back.. would you suggest just changing the pickups and neck ??
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Les Pauls i suppose could be decent for blues. they are a pretty versatile guitar.
-_- what amp do you have?
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I have currently got a Marshall MG30FX... gonna be swappin for a valvetronix soon though
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^ For blues I'd suggest a Blues Junior. Yes it's twice the price of the 30W Valvetronix, but it's better. That and some new pups for the Squier should do just fine.
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Technically, you could play the blues on any guitar. Although my personal suggestions would be either a Stratocaster or a Les Paul, depending on the style of blues you wish to play.
blade strat or tele, if i were you. they have a pre-amp which gives you a boost- when it's disengaged, it's basically a normal strat or tele, when engaged, you have two positions for boosts which you can set to your liking... nicer than an MIM too, IMO.

but you'd be advised to put some of that money into an amp- i know you said valvetronix, but i'd personally prefer a tube amp for blues.
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I would say a les paul.
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Orange amps are phenomenal with the blues, even their solid state.

And yeah, a Strat or Les Paul will suit you well...it depends on how thick a sound you want.
Strat, Les Paul, Telecaster, ES-335, Archtops, Flying V's (Albert King anyone?), pretty much anything can play the blues, even better if it's something with heart and soul poured into it.

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^ Hendrix also used a V for a lil bit

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Strat maybe ?
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If you want a somewhat expensive one, look at B.B. King's sig gibson/epi guitar

Though Strat/tele's work well too, though I think gibby's/epi's are the way to go.

Good luck with your search!