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"And after all of this, I am amazed...

...that I am cursed far more than I am praised."
i don't get it
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I love that song! You are god for putting it into a poem

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Your hair is fckin epic, dude!!!


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no ****in way!
I don't even know you but I think I love you...

So awesome.

I hate my fucking username.
Soon you will sit on the bench
of those who deny I have my soul
You sell a dream you create
Condemned by what you condemned before
Smooth are the words you sing down and high
Underground is your joy your laws
i see just a red border
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police is logical. or do your duty and rape him back

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its a sign the end is near

you beter be wrong
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Wow...I can't believe no one thought of that, I actually have lost 5% of my confidence for not thinking of that, I bow to you

That wasnt there two seconds ago.
Why are we so wicked indecisive
Let's hit the streets with toy explosives
And let's enjoy what we have
OMG, this sucks! xDDD

/@^ yeah, but I prefer "normal" ads... oO
In firefox I cant see teh ads or the background but in IE i see them both.
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"Oh baby baby yes yes YES! YES! *pinch harmonic*"
I like.
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I'm homeschooled because I got tired of the corporate conformist administration.

So I have a pretty crime free school, unless i decide to kill someone.

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There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
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Squirrels are fluffy bits of gay.

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My penis is so big it has its own hands.
^ I never really understood the meaning behind that smiley.
666 BRO
YES!! w00t for teh 6U174R H3R0!!
You know how sometimes you get the feeling that nobody's really listening?

Yeah, welcome to the internet.
Its pretty sick1
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Fuck the RIAA

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The girl on the right has nice boobies


Anyone else noticed that Slash doesn't have a cigarette in his mouth?
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Why is she playing an SG upside down

Possible reasons:

3 - Same reason Hendrix played a Strat upside-down. Left handed.

2 - Whoever drew it wanted to make her look to the average person, like she's stupid.

and the number 1 reason?

... wait for it ...

... wait ...

1 - Because they were desperately hoping somebody who saw it would ask:

Why is she playing an SG upside down


Congratulations. You just made someone's day.
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I release my inner liberal every morning when I take a shit.
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I wont be like those jerks who dedicate their beliefs to logic and reaosn.
i just woke up. i thought i was at myspace's site. i couldn't find the damn login.

then i realized "oh hell, this isn't myspace."

DONK. i coulda had a v8.
coming soon... parker fly mojo flame
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isnt today the official lunch date for GH3
Sigs Are For Pussies
We've ****ing sold out maaan!!! The UG homepage is just a biiig sellout all up to the maaan, maan!!! They gonna be gettin' inside all our brains and shiit!!!

It's bringin' me dooown, maaan, we've sold ouuuut.....
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