A few days ago I was in the market for a new guitar and I stumbled across a Pearl River EG1 (I think). The web shop I was currently visiting marketed it as an excellent guitar of utmost quality and as I know little about different brands when it comes to the guitar industry, I floated around a few forums and pages on the web and found that it was really hard to find a decent review on a Pearl River. The ones that I did find was ambigous as the first review blessed the guitar and put it next to the Fenders in score while the next one branded it as something that, and I quote,

"This is where this guitar fails horrably really, The finish is in great shape but it looks like something that should be floating in a chinese toilet".

Well this, plus a few reviews that pointed out that the frets were actually making an appearance outside the fretboard, sharpened to a point got me wondering. Do you have an opinion on Pearl River guitars? If yes, please post a reply.