Yo all, i mainly play guitar but when i write songs and record i always play bass on it. right now im using a crappy peavey entry level bass, which does the job for now. i just plug it into my interface and run it through cubases distortion program. but im goin 2 start writing and recording with a 7 string guitar soon and re-recording some of my previous stuff using it. so im needing a cheap-ish 5 string bass.

My music is a cross of some genres of metal
listen at www.myspace.com/btbmetal to see what i mean

Price range is about £300

as for amps, as i said i usualy plug my bass straight into the interface, but would it sound better if i plugged it into a bass amp and then took the DI signal out and plugged that into my interface. if that would work out better could any recomend a cheap wee bass amp i could use to DI?

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