Hey just wanted to know what your opinions on how radiohead released their new album. Theres a guy called Saul Williams whos about to release his new album in the same way and its irritating as i dont have the facilities to download it and i am dying to hear it. There is an offer on his myspace of how much you can pay for it and it kind of seems wrong. I do understand the positives of it as it cuts out the leeches that are record executives making their blood money but if people have the choice to download something for free or pay for it what are they likely to do? Plus what if they never release thse albums on CD? The Cd is the best format to have music on and it would suck huge hairy balls if they get rid of it.
So let me know your opinions.
if they are trying to stop ppl from downloading it illigally it's not going to work cuz someone out there will just convert them to unlocked files and post em on bittorrent
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I'd hope that they dont stop making CDs, as you said its the best format for music and i like having a collection
this way of selling records wont catch on. the publicity radiohead head got for it was a one off, people will just start gettin the records for nothing, and artists will stop doing it.

also , cds are great. and i dont see em going. Vinyl is in great demand these days, and magazines like NME (*cough* **** *cough*) still give vinyl away free. people wont let cds go. they are great!!!
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radiohead is radiohead, they are able to pull that off. Other artists wouldn't even risk doing that, it won't catch on