That was pretty awesome, you've got some good tone there. What amp do you use?
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Okay, first things first I'm not really a huge fan of funk, but I judge everything on it's own merits

First fourty seconds were nice, felt like it was going somewhere (a good attribute for improv playing!). I like the transition between the slower speeds and and the faster, it was well constructed and not straight in there with the legato.

Your technical playing is excellent. I love the phrasing around 1:05. The tapping legato lick felt a bit... stale in comparison to the rest of it, but thats probably more to do with the (insane) speed it was played at!

I personally think it should have ended on the funky type chords you were playing, a fade out there would have been great

But as far as improv goes, that was pretty impressive, great techinical ability and great style. Perhaps not the emotive of solos, but what the hell, it's funk!

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