hey guys,
as you can see i have a VOX AD100VT and i often put it on the "tweed" setting with my tube screamer to get a nice srv sound. However i cant seem to get any depth/full sound out of it and im wondering whether it would be my pickups (stock), behringer tubescreamer (most likely), or my amp.

PS I'm using my strat and my amp settings should be fine.
Well your amps pretty good so it shouldn't be that, and the guitar should have plenty of "depth". It could be the pickups, although that won't affect it hugely. Fiddle around with the mids and the treble settings, that could be it.
Add a chorus or reverb pedal in line after your tubescreamer?
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The depth and punch you may be looking for can only be delivered by an all-tube amp. You are starting to develope your ear. Go play a tube amp and you will see what I mean. Not dissing your amp, but I'm sure you will upgrade in the future.
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The Tubescreamer won't work the same way on your amp and you'll be getting signal corruption and clipping as opposed to the boost you'd get on a tube amp. Best thing to do is use it on the clean channel.
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