so i'm having around 700 $ and i was wondering if i should buy a hollowbody guitar since i want to get more into jazz and gipsy stuff or save up and buy a les paul standard. what would you do?
has anyone played the hagstrom? how was it?

or maybe a gitane?
edit: i was just searching around and found this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Hagstrom-Jazz-Model-HJ-500-Semi-Hollow-Electric-Guitar-513356-i1168172.gc looks orgasmic in black!
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i have a hagstrom swede.. i love that guitar. it's a beauty and wonderful to play. i like the tone as well... of course that's not the same as a viking but all hagstroms are to me very good instruments.

But I think you could get a better price than $669. I've seen this guitar for at least $600. Look around you!

Good luck, cheers!
I've played the Viking. Its nice man. I own a Super Swede, lemme tell you, Hagstrom's making some quality stuff right now. It's really up to you though, you can buy the Viking or you can spend a bit more and get something everyone else already has.
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