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right hand i dont care about, but its my left hand.

i have been just practicing this up and down, over and over. but what i want to know is, is it better to be using my pink on the G string or E note or to roll my ring finger over but the B and E notes?

i notice alot of swep guitarists roll their fingers as well as petrucci. but i have alot of trouble rolling. Its easier for my to use my pinky as if playign a chord, but usually this takes alot of warming up and sometimes gets sloppy.

so im wondering if i should be practicing with my pinky or rolling my ring. I enjoy practicing ym pinky as much as possible because i want to learn proper technique, and to me rolling me finger seems like it wouldnt be, but i notice alot of guitarists i see, dont use their pinkies where i Do, even if they are better than me so it helps me feel im will be acomplishign more.

Like i'll see really good guys online in their room playign this crazy ****, but i'll notice they rarely use their pinky, like if regressing a scale they will strech their ring finger over a fret, instead of keep every finger over a fret and using your pinky. this seems kinda logical because your ring has more agility, but isnt it best to just workt he pinky as much as possible even if it makes a riff harder.
I used to substitue rolling with putting in an extra finger or two, but now it's getting harder and harder to do that as I learn more swept licks. It'll be better in the long run for you to practice rolling.
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Post it in Advanced Techniques thread, this really isn't basic.
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Yope - rolling. It isn't as hard as it seems and if you want to go into fast sweeps, in the future, it's the only solution.
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