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I have been playing guitar since I was around 10. My teacher taught me chords, powerchords, and songs. I have recently started learning scales myself.

Ok, I've noticed in the last year or so I have barely progressed. I just realised all this time I was holding the pick incorrectly aswell. I really want to become a great player. I'm wondering if anyone can show me some excersizes, or guides on picking or holding a pick to help me progress. Please share your ideas

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Look at the lessons on here, I'm sure they'll set you on your way.

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The pick is normally held between you thumb and forefinger, and such an angle that you're comfortable with.

Play through scales, using alternate picking. In my opinion, alternate picking is essential. I play it naturally, i just can't play all down picking. I know a guitarist who's primarily a metal player, and obviously with some of it getting quite fast and technical, you would need alternate picking, yet he couldn't do it for the life of him. Just watching him play irritates me because his technique is poor all round, despite the fact that he's a great player.

Also, it doesn't hurt going back to simpler songs, if anything to refine technique and build confidence.
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ive never held my pick right either i dont think, i hold it like im holding a pen more or less , inbetween my middle index and thumb but i can still do all the stuff plus gives me more accuracy and power behind my notes. also i play metal so downstrokes are used alot for me, but i have used alternate picking when needed.

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use the lessons here they're great especially kristofer Dahls stuff! plus don't do my mistake make sure not to be lazy and play everything slowly and rythmically PERFECT before you start going faster, otherwise you'll be in my position being on a lot higher level technicaly than rythmicaly which means a lot of booring practise that you could have skipped if you make sure to get the rythm properly from the beginning!
You hold your pick how ever you feel comfortable...
Check out the lessons thread
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