this is a song about chavs, if u dnt kno wat chavs are they are people hu wear trak suits nd shout at people startin fights.

They travel round in swarms
like blizzards to the dozen
they shouldn't really do it but they still sleep with their cousins

cos they're chavs
stupid stupid asbo chavs
from gangsta rap to rave
they smell like sweaty slaves
cos they're all chavs
stupid stupid asbo chavs

the chavvettes think they're fit
with trakie bottoms that loose fit
but theyre not fit
stupid stupid abso slags

asbo stands for anti social behavior order if ur american or sumat nd its wat the police give kids that are bad

chavvettes are girl chavs

fit means sexy

reply wat u think bout my song plz
HAHAHA, do we have "chavs" over here?

EDIT: do these thugs like to call themselves chavs, or is it an insult?

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