So I will be more than likely joining the army, and love Guild guitars, and don't own an acoustic guitar, so I will be purchasing a Guild, and was just wondering about the tonal differences between CV-1 and CO-1C . Thank you mucho.
Out of those 2 I'd go with the CV-1 since its got rosewood back and sides with a spruce top. At that price range however I look at a Gibson J-45, Martin HD28, or a Taylor GS8.
What does you joining the army have anything to do with this?
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I guess it provides a reason as to me wanting an acoustic guitar to bring with me, I kinda left out every detail ever I guess.
If you're joining the army I'd buy a cheaper guitar. Actually, I'm assuming you'd be getting shipped out. If thats not the case then disregard. I'd be very hesitant to spend $2,000 on a guitar thats might be getting shipped around a lot - air, truck, etc. It might be more intelligent to get something cheaper - Seagull, Yamaha, Takamine, etc. Also be sure to consider the climate of wherever you might be headed.
I'd move down to SC for a year, and then move to where ever I'm stationed, which would be more than likely the US, for 2 years, and then move back to MN. I just want a Guild guitar really hardcore because I think they feel and sound amazing. And it's a product I've tested, and prefer it signifigantly over cheaper acoustics enough to warrant all the extra money. I know it's probably not the most intelligent move getting one, but I would love to have it.
Hey - I'm in the Army right now, here in beautiful Iraq. Take some good advice and wait until you are home to get a Guild. If you want a guitar to travel with you then get a Yamaha, Takamine or something in that line. While you are doing Basic Training / AIT, you won't be able to play because you won't have time! wait until you get to your duty station and then utilize the internet (Musician;s Friend, Guitar Center, etc.) and order from there - they ship outside the US to APO addresses. We've probably ordered 30 guitars since I've been here!! Anyways - thanks for serving and no offense meant but I hope that I never see you here!!
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