SO.. here's the story... brand new to the forums.. and more importantly, brand new to tube amps.

First off, I must say I love this amp. More than the 6505+ or anything else I tried. So as such I want to take the best care of the thing as I can, which is a problem since I know nothing about it.

I got it from Guitar Center since the guys there were so willing to cut me a good deal. It's not brand new, it had been on the floor, but the tubes are in good condition and everything else is basically mint. They gave me a footswitch and some cables, but absolutely no documentation. I've read a bit but I'd like to see what you all think.

Questions: What should I do to keep my tubes lasting as long as possible? There's a slight hum/fuzz noise even at regular volumes but it immediately disappears as soon as my EMGs pick up any noise from the strings..is that normal? There's a power switch and standby switch... what's the standby for? I've heard that you should standby it for a minute before and after use but from what I've noticed, having the standby on and the power off does absolutely nothing, so maybe they meant power on with standby off for a minute before and power on with standby off for a minute after playing...

Any information or opinions would be appreciated, thanks.
the hum/fuzz is jsut what happens when you turn on the gain channel mine does it too. might need new tubes (~$100). So this means you should try to either convince them to go about $100 lower than their cost or ahve them retube it.

the standby switch is there to let your tubes warm up. YOu wont hear anything if you play with it on standby. i usually turn my amp on hook up everything on my pedal board (i use batteries) and by the time im done my amp is ready to play.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Well I'm guessing from what I've read that you hit the power switch, wait a bit, then hit your standby and blast away, and then when you turn it off you flip the standby switch to off, wait a bit, then fully turn it off. That sound about right?

I just don't want to ruin this baby.