Hello all,

I just bought a used archtop electric guitar and after inspecting it I noticed the truss rod is not centered but shifted towards the High E string. Also, I tried to adjust it and it is very stuck. Is this a problem?

I am posting a picture here... Thanks a lot for your comments in advance.

i wouldnt try to adjust the truss rod yourself and id take it to a professional if your worried
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yeah, take it to a professional.
it looks like the previous owner didn't know how to take care of his instrument.
It's probably cross-threaded. Take it to a tech and see if he can get it threaded properly. If you try to mess with it you may damage the threads further, if its salvageable at all.
thank u all for your comments and advice....

I followed your advice and just took it to a professional but he was kind of busy and had a quick look at it. He did not say much about it. I asked him if he thinks the instrument was good and he said yes.

I am not very convinced by what he said, and I cannot judge by myself because I have not seen another truss rod before (except in books, but in the book pictures they are always centered).. should the truss rod be always centered?

I can still return it to the store where I bought it.... on the other hand I got it REALLY cheap, less than half its original price. It looks beautiful and plays nicely but I am thinking the reason it was so cheap is that maybe the truss rod is damaged but I may be wrong. I just want a second opinion before taking it back.

Thanks a lot for your input
It looks to me like the access hole is off center not the actual truss rod. Take something and measure the distance from each side. If the guitar seems to be fine other wise I wouldn't worry about it all that much just get the truss rod freed up. I got a great deal on an older Epiphone Firebird for $95.00 because the owner thought the neck was twisted I brought it to my guy and he just noticed the truss rod was a bit stripped out and found and allen key that fit it better. The neck was perfect by the way.

I am amazed the expert didn't give it a try it would have taken all of about 10 seconds to see if the truss rod was jammed. This is why I swear by my repairman I have brought in so many trivial problems and he always finds a second or two to check it out.