I was doing some research, and searching through the forums, with the intention to buy a 1-Spot adapter...However, it seems the majority of people who have used it seem to dispute Visual Sound's claim that it is silent. That's pretty disheartening.

I'll probably (rotating, depending on what I feel like) be powering a wah, a booster, a octave/fuzz, a tuner, an OD, a fuzz and a phaser.

So, I looked into some of the other suggestions I saw.

This one looks pretty good.

Expensive, but seems to have the most features. I don't know if I buy into that "dying battery" mojo, but it seems interesting enough.

I still need to find an option for positive ground pedals, though....I've got a Fulltone '69 clone. May just buy one Fulltone adapter for that.

Any other thoughts, or suggestions?
I own a 1 Spot. Handy little bugger it is. When I still kept my pedalboard all wired up together and such, it was a right good thing to have. I never had any serious issues with any hum or noise, but nothing's silent. You can take two routes with this kinda thing. You can take the ECisthe best route, and re-engineer everything in your signal chain to perfection (:cheers or you can take a the.spine.surfs route, and live with the little imperfections that come from poor shileding, bad buffers, and lazy sautering. Bottom line, for me, is that it's good enough. Good luck, no matter what you choose.
The one-spot is not silent. It's not even quiet.

The PP2 is great, and you can use your pos. grounded pedals with it (call them up and they'll send you a cable for them). The 'dying battery' isn't mojo, it works rather well for fuzzes and such.