I've been looking at amps lately, I don't have the money right now but just trying to get the info for future reference. I've heard great things about this amp as it gives off a real clean sound even at high levels. I play everything from punk to metal to blues. I currently own a USA Big Muff Pi and was wondering how it would sound through the clean channel. Some of the other posts I've read have said that the twin doesn't handle distortion well. The thing that I'm confused by is that Jack White also uses a twin reverb as well as the Big Muff and gets that real dirty blues sound without problem. I've also heard good things about the Fender Hot rod deluxe, I'm specifically looking at the limited edition white lightning version. The sound I like is White Stripes/Black Keys style punk/blues but with a mix of Smashing Pumpkins/Weezer type heavy distortion. I really like the tone I can get from the Big Muff and just figure if I use a Marshall half stack, more specifically the JCM 2000 DSL 50 and 1960A cab. If you need any more info about my sound or set up I’m more than willing to respond.

Any help is greatly appreciated
Never played the Hot Rod Deluxe, but I've used my friend's Twin Reverb plenty of times. It sounds pretty good with his Boss Metal Zone, and great with my plain 'ol Boss Distortion. I've never tried a Big Muff so I don't know how it would sound, but my guess is that it would be pretty good. The amp's clean sound is stunning, though.
The twin has fantastic cleans and takes pedals rather well. I don't think you'll have any problems unless you're trying to get the amp itself to distort (not going to happen.)