I'm thinking about getting a new guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo system (or something of that kind), but I have a few questions first.

1- Synyster Gates plays his custom Schecter (equipped with an original FR Trem.) in Drop-D tuning, and if any of you have heard him, he often does Dives and uses harmonics and alot of bends, too. But I was reading that FR systems are made for standard tuning. If this is true, then how does Gates keep his guitar in tune during live shows and such?

2- By saying "or something of that kind" above, I mean any of the Trem systems from Ibanez- The Edges. In your opinion, are these better or worse than FR systems?

I guess my main concern is playing in Drop-D and using the full potential of the new tremolo system. How should I go about doing this?
Yeah, dude. You'll be fine--all you have to do is learn to properly balance it. If you tune to Drop D you should probably move your strings up to a thicker gauge, then when you slap your new strings on (make you you don't remove all the strings at once, your bridge will fall out--it's an easy fix, though) you'll have to add/remove spring tension. It's a very easly concept, but very time consuming. You'll find that any type of floating bridge will have more maintenance issues, but I find it to be very worth it.
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Oh, yeah, about the keeping in tune part--Floyd's are a "double locking" type of bridge. This means the strings lock at the nut and at the bridge, minimalizing any slippage--thus keeping it in tune. (Just remember to unlock the strings at the nut prior to tuning up, or else you will break a string. That is, if you have to use the headstock tuners. If it's only a few cents off, you can tune up by using to fine tuners located on the bridge itself.) Also, if you were to break a string, it's safe you say you'd be screwed. If you break a string with a floating bridge your tuning will be All out of whack.
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hey dude i got a ibanez with a floyd rose and a schecter with one also.... you def. can play a floyd rose in dropped d u will just have to adjust the trem. springs on the guitar to do so..... the only thing is you will not be able to adjust from drop d to standard tuning cause it will knock it out of tune.... i play the schecter in dropped D and the ibanez in standard..... can be a pain in the ass to get use to how to adjust everything to compensate for string tension..... once you get them in tune and locked they dont come out.... all in all id play a floyd rose anytime that i can were im not changing my tuning....... answer question 2 never played any other trem system liked the rose stuck with it but im sure they would be like the same thing...... hope this helps ya out man
yeah its very common to have a floyd in drop D. floyd is very popular in metal, drop d is very popular in metal, they go hand in hand. dimebag use this too, and wailed on it...it is kind of a pain in the ass to adjust all the time though
well i have a Dean that has a floyd rose, and i use the fine tuners to tune from drop D to standard all the time, nothing happens, tune doesnt go out of whack, no springs break, no strings break.. nothing happens
I think the D-Tuna is removable. Put it on, tune it down to D, remove it, and play. Same applies to tuning it back to E.
No you dont have to adjust spring tension for drop D... thats ridiculous. Complete lower tunings however... (half down, full down, open C# Open C ect.) you will need to, thats obvious.

Lets assume you normally play in Standard E-A-D-G-B-e.
Make the fine tuner for only Low E screwed down close to the bridge but not hugging it (in case you go a bit flat) Then when desired to detune.. just unscrew the fine tuner and it should unscrew reasonably far and reach D just before it stops unscrewing. Easy as that.

Now some may think, "Yeah well! your loosening tension on the lowest string so the others will go sharp!" Sure that will be the case, but that can easily be fixed 2 different ways.

[1] Precision tune with the fine tuners (they will only be a few cents off, and sometimes only a few of them are)

[2] Floyd Rose bridges such as the Original and Pro give you the option to lock the bridge from raising pitch. You can call it "Dive-Only Mode" so you can lower pitch but not raise it.
Since your bridge is locked in that sense, all your strings stay in tune and your bridge stays in the same position when introduced to lower tunings. Having it locked also improves sustain; your double stops will stay in tune and not only that, but if you break a string you should remain within proximity tuning. You'll probably go a bit sharp but its not nearly as embarrassing live :p

Thats all there is to it.. once I get the money, I plan on custom building a guitar, and installing the Tremol-no device with a Floyd Rose Pro. Lets you choose between... Full Floating, Dive Only, and even Hard tail mode, which is sweet. Here's a pretty cool informational video about it.


Theres also a pretty comprehensive installation video


Hope this helped.
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